Nathan is a Los Angeles native and climate scientist whose expertise lies in marine ecosystem evolution with projects spanning from Antarctica to the Tropics. He is co-founder and chief catalyst of CoValence. Nathan uses his global change perspective and interdisciplinary connectivity to help develop behavioral designs for regenerative and mindful lifestyle. He is also co-chair of the NEXUS Futurism Lab: a platform designed to convene global leaders across industry to drive social impact in rapidly advancing, emerging technologies that are poised to significantly alter social, economic, and political conditions worldwide. Nathan and the CoValence team lie at the intersection of art, science, and business as they continue to build a behavioral design platform inspired by regeneration.

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Creating costume design for various private productions and custom performance pieces, while being lead designer for two fashion startups, Patrick is now focused on design that stimulates discussion, creates intrinsic confidence, and stimulates how one behaves in their daily life. Patrick’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota gave him his foundation for ecosystems perspectives in his design values. The professional explorations of personal training and functional arts led to his passion in functional apparel. Patrick blends both ergonomics and mindfulness of "living systems" into one’s wardrobe. 

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Dr. AJ Schlenger is an expert in ecosystem resiliency to climate change. His research aims to bridge the gap between science, economics, and policy to create global environmental solutions. As a surfer, backpacker, and general outdoor enthusiast, AJ's passion lies in preserving the natural world. He now uses his expertise to strategize mechanisms that transform the current mindset of individual sustainability and create a positive global impact through conscious living.

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Karelaine is a behavioral fashion designer and regenerative landscape architect with a background in plant sciences and architecture. Her initiatives range from functional fashion, urban planning, landscape architecture, and graphic and spatial design in which she blends technology, regenerative design techniques, and graphical composition to create regenerative apparel, spaces, and aesthetics inspired by natural landscapes.



Nathan has a background in journalism and film and has been involved in numerous film and television productions. His passions lie at the intersection of musical composition, videography, scoring, and cinematography.  He has directed content for multiple companies and currently uses his talents to invoke emotional connections via mixed media projects. 



Rebecca is a Southern Californian native and has a background in marketing, project managing, and event planning across a range of different industries and disciplines. She excels at managing and streamlining different processes across various projects while ensuring both transparency and kindness through organized chaos. She is also a mother and outdoor enthusiast with prior experience working as a wilderness guide.