At CoValence, our locally sourced and manufactured pieces are a physical manifestation of our philosophy. We aim to inspire a regenerative lifestyle by designing personal systems that enable multi-styled, modular organization. By optimizing flow while being environmentally aware, our minds have more space to be of service to others.



[Balance Bags]  A set of bags to lending itself to a balanced framework to create one's personalized convenience system within. 

VIRTUES // Resourcefulness & Mindfulness

With the Balance Bags, you can stay mobile and lean while keeping your essentials safe and secure from the chaos of life. Freedom through control. Finally ditch your backpack.

VIRTUES // Versatile & Adaptable

The Balance Bags are a dynamic personal operating system for your essentials. They add a level of sophistication to any style. Be Don Draper on Monday, and Indiana Jones on Saturday.

VIRTUES // Always Be Prepared

Never misplace your essentials again. The Balance Bags come complete with ergonomic phone and wallet pockets, key hook, and pen pocket.

VIRTUES // Tame Pocket Chaos

Left your phone in the cab in Dubai? Or your wallet in your other jeans? These babies keep your essentials up off your hips, where they can fall out when you sit down or move during activities.




[Invisibilia Cloak]  A highly versatile Cloak, inspired by the NPR podcast Invisibilia, about the invisible forces that shape human behavior. 

VIRTUES // Adaptability & Minimalism

With the iCloak, move effortlessly between hot and cold environments, or even wear two and have a cloak for a friend.

VIRTUES // Versatile in Style & Function

The iCloak has an iconic look that can be worn four different ways for four different environments.


Cuffs inside the iCloak keep the cloak close to your body and flowing with your movements. We really nitpicked this part, it's pretty awesome.





[Utility Pouch]  Not just for a water bottle, though that was the primary intent for design - it has an additional pocket inside, too!

VIRTUES // Preparedness & Mindfulness

When you're unprepared, you're more likely to purchase environmentally destructive things such as single-use plastic water bottles. With the üPouch, you can keep your water bottle on you when you need it most and help reduce plastic environmental waste.

VIRTUES // Forge New Habits

Individual habits cause global issues. Having a water bottle with you via the üPouch when you need it frees you from dependence on environmentally destructive single-use plastic water bottles.

VIRTUES // Foresight

You know you're going to need water. You're never not going to need it. The üPouch keeps it close by for those thirsty desert hikes or long commutes.

VIRTUES // Adventure

The üPouch has a water-resistant inner pocket for your dry-goods on amazonian treks.