Confucius Renaissance

Existential angst can be felt on a global level as the planet approaches another tipping point, accelerated by human creativity and innovation. In light of this, we pause to reflect, taking a moment to regenerate the mind with timeless wisdom drawn from Confucian philosophy spawned centuries ago.

Confucius taught how to be virtuous in a world of seeming moral decay. Virtuosity is something attainable through human action as we do not passively perceive the world, we actively generate it.

This notion resonates with his nostalgic Golden Rule: “What you do not desire for yourself, do not do to others.”

Our world is ready to regenerate self-empowerment, which influences interaction globally. We aim to reconnect with the essence of our being as we strive to become morally alive to our relationships and environment. In accepting that everything is interconnected and interdependent, matter and mind dissolve into one, technology becomes nature.

The self, as conceptualized by Confucius, is a deeply relational self that responds to inner reflection with outer virtue. When one reflects upon oneself, one realizes the necessity of concern for others and manifests the qualities of ren, the virtue of co-humanity. Through the imaginative act of empathy, we dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and put another person there.

Inspired by ‘the family’ as an institution, Confucius structured a moral society on this model. As we are inherently social beings, through cooperation we have been able to thrive on this finite planet but at the expense of resource depletion.

In order to initiate a paradigm shift, first we must shift the individual. Individual habit can sometimes isolate us and impact our environment. It is time to override rituals that are not serving us. Our basic need as a species is to be loved. To be supported through community. Once we align with this, we can begin to regenerate the narrative for life’s meaning and determine our future.

At CoValence, our pieces are a physical manifestation of our philosophy. We inspire a regenerative lifestyle by designing personal systems that provide an architecture of mindful organization. By organizing chaos and taking care of our basics while being environmentally aware, our minds have more space to be of service to others. Flow states are galvanized into a higher conscience.

Say, “hello" to your higher self.


                                                                               - CoValence