CoValence co-founders, Nate and AJ, are also co-founders and co-chairs of the NEXUS Futurism Lab: a platform designed to convene leaders across industry to drive social impact in rapidly advancing, emerging technologies that are poised to significantly alter the social, economic, and political fabric. The NEXUS Global Community is a nonpartisan global movement that bridges communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship in order to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and allies to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions through collaboration. CoValence has helped curate and sponsor several local Los Angeles Salons where curated panelists and guests convened to discuss new ways of approaching space exploration, climate science, culture, experiential marketing, immersive storytelling, virtual/augmented reality, and more. Panelists have included NASA, UCSD, and USC scientists, social entrepreneurs, activists, and other interdisciplinary figures. Members of the CoValence team continue to actively participate in NEXUS Global Summits held worldwide including at the United Nations HQ in New York. Much more to come from these global collaborations.



Our friends at DoLaB specialize in creating immersive environments and innovative structures that inspire a mindful, regenerative lifestyle. They have provided so much inspiration to the CoValence team over the years, and we have been honored to work with them through multiple mediums including featured climate change talks at their flagship event, Lightning in a Bottle, to helping curate graphic and spatial designs. Our most recent collaboration included creating a custom DoLaB üPouch that both provided production staff with a versatile build tool as well as event attendees with a mobile reusable water bottle holder x pouch to hold all of their essentials. We aim to continue to help build the mindful movement and the restructuring of habit with our friends at DoLaB.